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Window installation with FlexKeil13: clever little helper
A master carpenter from Warngau in Upper Bavaria is fed up with fiddling with wedges and blocks during window assembly.
How Tobias Kniegl invented the “FlexKeil 13”.

Tobias Kniegl has been a successful carpenter for many years and runs his carpentry business in Warngau in Upper Bavaria. During this time he built many windows, doors and all-glass systems. Again and again he was bothered by the complicated way to align the windows exactly with conventional wedges. To do so, pads have to be tried out in different strengths and put on top of each other. The wedges slip easily, which makes the work process tedious and tedious.
That’s how the idea for FlexKeil 13 was born. The Flexkeil 13 is a 70 x 30 mm, 13 mm high component made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. It consists of two interconnected wedges, which are infinitely adjustable in height via a side opening, with a hexagonal wrench. The adjustment range in height is 13 to 18 mm. 4 mm adapter plates increase the adjustment range beyond 18 mm. With the FlexKeil 13, objects weighing up to 100 kg can be moved.
With the practical wedges, a window can be precisely adjusted laterally and vertically. Their ribbed surface prevents the wedges from slipping when adjusting. This saves time and nerves during assembly and ensures efficient work.
Tobias Kniegl has recently applied for a patent for his product. KnieglTec has been on the market with an online shop since the spring of 2018 with the aim of successfully selling the innovative FlexKeil13. -HJG

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Align the windows with the FlexKeil 13 faster and block them!
Large report in the bauhandwerk, the professional magazine for expansion, new construction and renovation (issue 7-8 / 2018)…/bhw_2018-7-8_Fenster_mit_dem_Fl…

Joiner Tobias Kniegl invented the “FlexKeil 13”, which makes the alignment and blocking of windows or fixed glazing faster, more comfortable and more precise.


KnieglTec: Market entry after patent application

After successful product development of the height-adjustable window wedge FlexKeil13 and patent filing, KnieglTec has been fresh on the market since April of this year. At the same time, this online shop was put into operation. How it came to the innovative invention, read in our section “About us”.

Press Release: Article published in the BM

The article “KnieglTec develops height-adjustable window wedge clogging made easy” has been published in the current print and online edition of BM, the specialist magazine for interior design, furniture and components.


Our current press release from 11.04.2018

Installation made easy: KnieglTec develops a height-adjustable window wedge

Warngau, 8. Februar 2018 – For the professional assembly of windows and doors, cradles play a decisive role. They fix the window, distribute the weight and ensure the correct distance to the frame. The use of conventional window blocks, however, is often tedious: different millimeter designs must be tested individually or in combination until a window is precisely aligned.
Tobias Kniegl from KnieglTec in Warngau in Upper Bavaria has now developed the innovative FlexKeil 13. The new window wedge consists of two superposed, oppositely arranged wedges, which are at the same time firmly connected and movable. They provide parallel contact surfaces for the frame on the one hand and the masonry on the other hand, to avoid unwanted deformations. The side of the FlexKeil 13 with an associated Allen key in height adjustable and allows infinitely fine adjustments that are not lost again. The wedge is 13 mm thick, which was also responsible for the naming.

Managing Director Kniegl about the background of his product idea: “In general, window manufacturers use chocks in various strengths. To align a window exactly, different strengths have to be tried out and put on top of each other. When aligning the window, traditional wedges or chocks move easily. It is particularly difficult when windows and doors are fixed laterally to the masonry, because individual wedges can fall down quickly. In addition, logs made of wood, which are used many times, are not rot-proof. Although there are also commercially available glazing blocks made of plastic, these slippage when stacking but especially light. From practice for practice: A wedge for all heights
The problems of working with several blocks led Kniegl to realize his product idea. The advantages of the new window wedge are obvious: The FlexKeil 13 replaces several wedges or blocks of different thicknesses stacked on top of each other, thus preventing slipping. The infinitely variable height settings can be easily performed on the window even under load. Since the material is made of plastic, the FlexKeil 13 also has a long service life. In addition to the use in window construction, other uses are conceivable. For example, with interior and patio doors, when leveling substructures or when placing downlays.
Kniegl adds: “Basically, you can use the FlexKeil 13 for all things that need to be aligned.”
The FlexKeil 13 will be available from spring this year and can be ordered at

About KnieglTec

The company KnieglTec was founded in 2001 under the company name TK-Wohnen. The owner is the joiner Tobias Kniegl. The range of tasks of the specialist company includes the installation of windows, doors and all-glass systems, interior fittings and renovation as well as classic joinery and furniture construction. In addition, Tobias Kniegl has been a sales partner of the Austrian window and door company Josko for many years. With the launch of the new FlexKeil 13, KnieglTec wants to focus more on the production of high-quality window technology for the trades. Thus, even for the window wedge 13 product extensions are already in planning.

Here is the KnieglTec Flyer for you to download:

KnieglTec Flyer


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